Sacha Zangenberg


The feedback I have been receiving from my blog posts so far have been overwhelming and I am beyond grateful for each and everyone of you reaching out to me. There is no greater feeling than sharing something you are really passionate about and meeting other people who are just as excited the topics. The shared enthusiasm and ecstasy is divine. On top of that, this will be my third day in… Læs mere

All day at work I have been thinking about writing this blog post in my head. There are many places to start, numerous things to bring up and countless aspects to the subject of angels and the sons of god. Then I remembered ἐξουσία. A word that stood out to me from the minute I read it the first time. See, reading the translations of the sources on this material is great,… Læs mere

As I am writing this it’s almost 3am on a chilly July night. I can feel the latest cup of coffee wear off quickly and I’m trying to write this down while I still have some energy left. This has been a post that has been underway for a long time. It has almost been underway for so long that the pressure I’ve built up around it in my head has made… Læs mere